Canon Wide Format

Canon offers wide format printers and MFP's for a wide range of applications from photography to technical documents.


12-Color Graphic Art Printers

For customers who appreciate the difference between ordinary and exceptional print quality, these imagePROGRAF large-format printers deliver a unique combination of ultra-high-quality imaging, magnificent productivity, and a 12-color LUCIA EX ink set capable of producing an extraordinary range of vibrant colors, subtle hues, and deep shadows.

Sizes: 17”, 24“, 44”, 60"

8-Color Production Signage Printers

These production-grade print engines are faster than any other imagePROGRAF Graphic Arts printer making them ideal for professionals who need to increase the capacity, productivity, and versatility of their large-format printing services. Includes Photo Cyan, Photo Magenta, and Gray inks to help reproduce flesh tones.

Sizes: 24“, 44”, 60"

6-Color Infographics and Poster Printers

Canon’s 6-color large-format printers are designed for customers who want quick, easy, and low-cost poster printing. Ideal for on-site printing of retail posters, signs, and infographics, these devices are designed for customers who wish to produce vivid, eye-catching images with durable pigment inks, but don’t require the sophistication of Canon’s 12- and 8-color graphic arts printers.

Sizes: 24“, 44"

5-Color Technical Documents and General Use Printers

Canon’s Technical Documents large-format printing solutions are built with Architects, Engineers, Construction, and GIS mapping professionals in mind. Canon’s ultra-high density print heads and innovative 5-color Reactive Ink system enable these devices to output intricately detailed drawings, schematics, and renderings with incredible precision, accuracy, and speed. Available in a variety of sizes and configurations, Canon offers these technical document large-format printing solutions for production printing environments, workgroups, and personal printing.

Canon’s 5-color Reactive ink printing systems are also great for businesses, institutions, schools, or anyone looking to print full-color presentations, drawings, maps, and other types of large-format office documents.

Sizes: 17”, 24“, 36", 44”, 60"

5-Color iPF MFP M40 Imaging Systems

For customers who need to do more than just print, Canon’s imagePROGRAF iPF MFP M40 solutions are 5-color Reactive Ink printers equipped with a large-format scanner, a computer, and document management software. These multifunction large-format document solutions enable users to scan-to-print/file/edit/share technical documents efficiently.

Sizes: 36", 44”